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1. Purpose

1.1 These General Conditions in force are intended to regulate the terms and conditions governing the provision of the Online Store Service of Garrafeira Estado D'Alma 2, Lda, headquartered at Rua Alexandre Herculano nº45A, 1250-010 Lisbon , hereinafter referred to as Garrafeira Estado D'Alma 2.

1.2 Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 may change without prior notice of online sales conditions

1.3 When browsing the Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 website, you accept the General Online Sales Conditions described here.

1.4 Alcoholic beverages available for sale in the Online Store of Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 can only be purchased by people of legal age in their country of residence.

2. Product, Price and Content Information

2.1 The images that illustrate each product in Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2, may differ from the product subsequently delivered, and these same products are also subject to stock rupture.

2.2 Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, information on products, prices, promotions and services.

2.3 The products offered for sale in the Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 online store may not correspond exactly to the actual products in terms of color and image, due to the Internet browser and monitor used.

2.4 The promotions published in the online store at Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 may not be applicable in the physical store.

2.5 Prices 2.5.1 Under Portuguese law, all prices shown at Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 include the respective VAT rates in force, unless otherwise stated.

2.5.2 Shipping charges are applied per order.

2.5.3 The exact price of the shipping fee will depend on the country where your order will be delivered and the weight of the same.

2.5.4 Prices in the online store are presented in euros, there may be a difference in price, with regard to transport costs depending on the country of delivery of the order.

2.5.5 You must pay only the exact amount specified in the order confirmation.

2.6 Price changes

2.6.1 The prices of products presented in the online store are subject to change. Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.

2.7 Price errors

2.7.1 Some products may have an incorrect price, so Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 checks prices whenever it accepts an order.

2.7.2 Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 updates the website very carefully, it is possible that the price information on the website contains errors, so the prices shown are merely indicative and do not constitute a contractual proposal.

3. Ordering

3.1 In order to order, it is necessary to access our online store through:

3.2 Registration on the website

3.3 Choosing the payment method.

3.4 Choose whether to pick up your order at the store or receive it at the address indicated.

3.5 Indicate whether or not you want to invoice a taxpayer and, if so, the respective taxpayer number.

3.6 Finalizing the order

3.6.1 Finalizing an order does not guarantee that the entire order is available.

3.7 Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 receives your order as soon as it is finalized.

3.8 Within the Store Hours from “10:00 to 20:00” our services receive your order, verify the existence of its totality, calculate possible shipping costs at the rate of the day of receipt of the order and respond via email with greater as soon as possible to the email indicated in the order.

3.9 If the customer does not agree with the possible costs of shipping or changing the order due to the unavailability of some of the products ordered, he can ignore the order without any cost.

3.10 After we receive confirmation of payment for the order, we confirm that it is still available in its entirety, we inform you of the receipt of payment and the estimated delivery time.

3.11 Only after payment confirmation is that the products are reserved for ordering, for this reason it is advisable to pay for orders as soon as possible.

3.12 The website is pre-configured to accept orders for 99 products of the same reference without having these quantities available in the store.

3.13 The website tries not to have products that are unavailable or to order without at least one unit not being available in our store and is updated hourly.

3.14 All orders placed on the website are subject to availability and confirmation by Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2.

3.15 By submitting the order form you are accepting the general purchase conditions, including the general terms and conditions of use. 3.16 The order itself does not constitute a product reservation.

4. Right not to accept the order or cancel the purchase

4.1 We reserve the right not to accept your order, or to cancel it even after automatic confirmation of your order.

4.2 We also reserve the right to cancel any purchase, even if it has already been accepted by Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2, in the following situations: - the product is no longer available / in stock (payments will be returned as soon as possible) - the billing information is not correct or cannot be verified. - if there is evidence or information that you may not be of legal age to buy or consume alcoholic beverages as permitted in the respective country of residence; - in case of error in fixing the price of the product;

4.3 In any of the above situations, Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 will inform the customer via email.

4.4 If an order and payment have been made for products that are no longer available, Garrafeira Estado D’Alma will refund the amount paid for unavailable products.

5. Payment

5.1. With the order confirmation, an email will be sent to the customer with all details about delivery, billing, payment information, products and values.

5.2. If the customer does not receive the order confirmation email, he is asked to contact Garrafeira Estado D'Alma 2 by email: or by phone (+351) 21 410 51 62 so that the information is sent again.

5.3 If any of the elements of the order are missing, incomplete, or incorrect or the customer wants to change some information, as long as the order has not yet been shipped, the customer is asked to contact him by e-mail: e-mail: or by calling (+351) 21 410 51 62 as soon as possible so that the requested change can be made internally.

5.4 The available payment methods are: Visa online, Paypal, ATM reference, MBway. We do not accept any payment method other than those mentioned. Please do not try to pay by any means other than specified. If you do, we cannot be held responsible for loss of payment or any other damages that may result.

5.5 In the case of payment by Credit Card, all details will be handled by the Unicre network.

5.6 through any payment method, Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 will start processing the order after receiving the payment.

6. Shipping / Delivery

6.1 Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 has contracted services with specialized carriers for the purposes of deliveries in Portugal, Europe and most countries in the world. Every effort is made to meet the shipping and delivery deadlines, however it should be noted that the possible delays in deliveries may be alien to Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2, and it is not possible, in these cases, to guarantee exact delivery deadlines.

6.2 Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 cannot be held responsible for non-compliance with, or delays in complying with, the delivery deadlines due to a force majeure event, that is, an event, act or omission, beyond its control.

6.3 Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 is not responsible for shipments made to countries where the respective law does not allow the entry of alcoholic beverages.

6.4 It is the customers' responsibility to seize the respective orders, as well as to pay customs fees, if any.

6.5 In case of return of the products, Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 will refund only the respective amount. In case of doubt, the customer may contact Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 before ordering

6.6 All products sent by Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 must be checked upon delivery. If the customer finds that the order is damaged, he must immediately return it to the transport company, duly justify the reason for the return on the carrier's delivery note and immediately notify Garrafeira Estado D'Alma 2 by the following email:

7. Failure to receive the order

7.1. In the event of an unsuccessful delivery attempt by the transport company due to absence, a notice will be left in the customer's mailbox with the carrier's directions and with Garrafeira Estado D'Alma 2. The second attempt may be charged Of delivery.

7.2. If for any reason the customer cannot receive the order or pick it up at the location indicated by the carrier, he should contact Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 so that together with this one the most appropriate solution can be found.

7.3. Any claim for non-receipt of an order must be made within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of placing the order. At the end of this period, Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 cannot be held responsible for its loss.

8. Cancellation

8.1. Under the terms of the legislation in force, Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 recognizes the right of all customers to terminate the contracts signed with it, allowing them to return the products, within a period of 14 (fourteen) days.

8.2. Order cancellation before shipping

8.2.1. The customer can cancel the order, as long as it has not yet been shipped.

8.2.2. The customer can always proceed with the return according to the conditions and rules of return mentioned below.

9. Returns

9.1 For exchanges or returns, the customer is requested to contact Garrafeira Estado D'Alma 2 by e-mail:, indicating the order number or the accompanying document, taking into account the conditions described below at the following points:

9.1.1 In order to return the order, the product must be in perfect condition, and if applicable with its original packaging, accessories or promotional offers included, and accompanied by proof of purchase or invoice.

9.1.2 The return of defective products and erroneous shipments will be allowed, but they will have to be delivered to the physical store as long as the customer communicates this circumstance within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the product.

9.1.3 Once the goods are received at our facilities and after validating their status accordingly, the value will be returned according to the payment method made by the customer, or another solution previously agreed with the customer. same.

9.1.4 Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 will not accept the return of the product after being used, or if it has been altered or modified.

9.1.5 Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 is not responsible for deficiencies resulting from incorrect use, negligence, poor storage conditions or causes of force majeure.

9.1.6 The Customer is responsible for all costs related to the return of the products.

10. Applicable Law

All purchases made on the Garrafeira Estado D’Alma 2 website are subject to Portuguese law. Any conflict or divergence in the interpretation of the General Conditions of Sale Online will be submitted to the competent Portuguese Court.

Under the terms and for the purposes of the provisions of art. 18 of Law No. 144/2015, of 8 September, it is hereby informed that the available ADR entity is the Center for Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts in Lisbon, with the following contacts: Address: Faculty of Law of Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Campolide Campus 1099-032 Lisbon
Telephone: 21 384 74 84 (from 3 pm to 4 pm)
Telephone of the Directorate-General for Consumers: 707 788 787

The present general conditions and all emerging disputes that are related to these general conditions, including their validity, the use of the website or any purchase on it must be governed by Portuguese law, namely by Decree-Law No. 24/2014, of February 14, with the amendment introduced by Law 47/2014, of 07/28. These general online sales conditions can be changed without prior notice, and should therefore be consulted before placing any order.



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